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- Mini Hen Coop


This small plastic chicken house is on sale today at the great price of £169.99 Inclusive of VAT and delivery to any UK mainland location. The Solway mini hen coop has been designed for keeping chickens at home lightweight solway mini hen coop can be moved easily to suit you and your chickens. An ideal starter home for chicks also suitable for larger birds and will accommodate up to 4 hens without any problem.

This recycled plastic chicken coop will be built for you with the option of one or two nesting boxes. A run is available if you desire the only task you'll have is a simple 2 minute job of clicking the nesting boxes and run into place. We'll do the rest for you.

The mini hen coop plastic is 100% recycled this makes it both durable and easy to maintain. The cost of keeping chickens at home will be reduced over time as the need for maintenance is minimised as recycled plastic will not require weather treatment unlike more traditional hen housing.

Freedom for your hens or chickens to roam if necessary the mini hen coop can have a 3ft extension run added to give the hens the freedom they require with the minimum of your garden space occupied.

Minimal assembly poultry house construction is reduced as Solway will assemble your custom built hen coop on order.

Your Recycled Plastic Chicken Coop has 447 x 834mm or 0.37 square metres of internal floor space which is ideal for housing for up to 4 birds.

Trans. width 675mm
Trans. height 680mm
Trans. Length 1020mm

Width with nest boxes 950mm
With nest box both sides 1222mm
Length with nest boxes

Floor area 447 x 834mm - 0.37 sq.m.
Weight 24.22kgs

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