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- Model ST-1000 - Track Systems for Combine Harvesters



Our track systems for combine harvesters are designed to maximize your harvest yield, while providing unmatched comfort. With more than three times more ground surface area than dual wheels, our track systems provide unprecedented flotation and traction, which enables you to go out into the field when you need to, not when Mother Nature says so. In addition, our tandem systems provide the tracks with all the flexibility needed to hug the terrain, ensuring rolling comfort.


The ST-1000 track system is designed to be adapted to most combine harvester models. Use these dimensions to verify:

  • That there is no interference between the track system and the combine harvester.
  • That the header and the conveyor do not interfere with the track system.

If there is an interference:

  • Axle extensions are available from OEM Dealer;
  • 25 mm (1 in) and 50 mm (2 in) spacers are available from Track Dealer.

  • This track is compatible with most of the combine harvester. Refer to our technical document Soucy Select or contact us to determine if this product will work on your vehicule.

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