Soucy International Inc.

- Model WSS4 - Utility Vehicles



Soucy made sure to put the most robust system with the best traction on the market. Users will discover a totally new potential in their vehicle, allowing them to overcome the limits that tires have always imposed upon them. Whether in mud or snow and for any type of work, utility vehicle track systems WSS4 allow you to go where tires have never been able to tread. Thanks to the 15’’ sprocket built for all season use and to the absence of a slider shoe, they are a true insurance policy in inclement weather.

With a pronounced attack angle helps to clear obstacles, the WSS4 will take you wherever you want with an adrenalin bonus! With the aggressive track profile and the wheels contact patch coated with rubber that prevent ice from sticking, you’ll have no more reason to limit yourself. The four wheels tandem will also provide more comfort and smoother driving feel with the UTV.

 Type of compatible vehicles : Utility vehicule

  • Set your own pace
  • 4 seasons
  • Flotation
  • Comfort

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