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Through the water control panel, the water is guided via the Thylene hoses through the house to the drinkers. The drinkers are connected by T-piece to the Thylene hose. The Sowa drinker has a waterflow regulating valve, allowing user to adjust water flow to desired level. Drinkers can be installed on a winching system, for central level adjustment.

  • High quality plastic drinker
  • Maintenance free plastic product, suitable for broilers, rearing pullets, layers and breeders
  • Design and choice of material allow easy and efficient cleaning
  • Valve consisting of high quality precision components for high reliability
  • Highly efficient water supply through 10mm inside diameter water supply tube, preventing constipation by medication
  • Counter weight ballast rings prevent water spillage
  • Water easily accessible for the birds
  • When used in breeder production houses, the Sowa round drinkers allow birds free passage to the nests

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