- Electronic Sow Feeding System



SowComp-Feeder is an electronic sow feeding system especially designed for sows in group management. Ear transponders enable
perfect preprogrammed feeding of individual sows.

  • Individual feeding which meets with the requirements of sows in group managements
  • Suited for approx. 60 sows per station
  • With central selection up to 300 sows per selection unit can be managed and up to 6 electronic sow feeding stations can be connected to a selection device
  • For dry feeding as well as liquid feeding
  • Feed stations are equipped with one feed supply container each for dry feeding
  • Trough of high-grade steel: no dirt corners, easy cleaning
  • Due to exit securing of the station by means of 2 doors the sow cannot enter the station from the wrong side
  • The animals can leave the station at any time. No stress at the entrance as any animal can enter the station anytime.
  • Normal operation and training operation possible
  • Manual operation of station available
  • More rest during feeding due to closed side walls
  • Extremely stable due to high-value materials
  • Flexible and room-saving in area design
  • Species-appropriate management system which is in keeping with government regulations regarding pig managements
  • For insulated and not heat insulated buildings

  • Emergency gate
  • Automatic heat detection
  • Colour marking system
  • Locking flap for trough
  • 2 kinds of feed can be fed out
  • Horizontal roller at entrance
  • Clamp which prevents lying down
  • Individual and group selection
  • Additive dosificator
  • Double electronic sow feeding station (Twin)
  • Handheld device for reading in of ear tags (MDE)

When the sow enters the empty station, the doors behind her close and the station identifies the sow with the help of her ear tag transponder. If the sow is entitled to feed, the trough will  be unlocked and the feed meant for her is dosed out into the trough. After the end of the feeding the trough will be locked again. If the sow is not entitled to feed the trough remains locked. In both cases the exit of the station opens time-delayed and the sow is able to leave the station again.

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