Soya Toasters



The soya toaster is able to reduce the values of urease contained in the grain and eliminate the anti-nutritional elements, making the soya edible for animals.

Hourly production 2 ton/hr
Fuel diesel, methane gas, LPG
Height 6.6m (Chimney excluded)
Length 1.8m
Height 2.9m (Pedestals included)

The toaster is a component of a plant. On request, Mecmar supplies consultancy for designing the toasting plant with all the elements that give the customer the finished product (e.g. silo for storage and cooling, soya handling systems, etc.)

  1. it increases farm productivity (e.g. greater livestock growth, higher egg production);
  2. it protects the proteins and the quantity of vegetable fat contained in the grains, thanks to the extremely low exposure of the grain to high temperatures;
  3. it guarantees homogeneous toasting with continuous movement of the grain during the toasting stage;
  4. it enhances product appearance, a very important factor from a commercial point of view.
  5. All of this from a highly compact and easy-maintenance machine.

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