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Soybean Combine Harvester


0 SKYPE: elena.forbes11 Soybean combine harvester is a kind of combine harvester exclusively used for soybean harvesting. The machine can realize the process of soybean stalk cutting and threshing at the same time. In addition, the specially designed cutter of this harvester makes the harvesting cleaner and more efficient. This soybean harvesting equipment can meet demand of both individual farmers and large farm holders.

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Unique Advantage of Self-propelled Soybean Combine Harvester

? Equipped with unique automatic floating cutter. The soybean combine harvester adopts the specialized cutter to ensure lowest harvesting height.
? Adopt double power to realize the individual operation of running and harvesting.
? Use re-threshing device to make the harvesting cleaner and obtain the low loss rate and high cleanliness.
? Apply double rollers to ensure the effect of threshing.
? Good performance and high efficiency. This soybean harvester can harvest 5-10 Hm2 soybeans per hour and the loss rate is less than 3.0%, the grain broken rate is not more than 5.0%.
? Wider cutting width. Compared with other soybean harvester machines, this soybean harvesting equipment has a wider cutting width, about 2562 mm.
? High security and great adaptability. This soybean combine harvester is with simple and compact design which makes the machine work safe. In addition, the soybean combine harvester can adapt to different land forms.

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