Soybean Seed Treatment Stand


The Pro Box Seed Treat Stand from Burchland Mfg. is designed for seed dealers treating soybean seed at their location. The Seed Treat Stand supports a Gustafson CS 1700 seed treater over a conveyor. The rigid frame securely holds a Pro Box Seed Treatment Stand over the treater. This combination allows dealers to treat the soybean seed as it goes out the door into the farmer's seed tender.

The Seed Treat Stand is equipped with a bottom tray to catch any seed spilled by the conveyor or any chemicals that leak from the seed treater system. Steps and a grab handle are included to make the slide door on the bottom of the Pro Box Seed Treat Stand easy to reach. A platform is included to mount the seed treatment tanks that come with the treater. Large guide plates center the Pro Box Seed Treat Stand in the correct position every time. The seed funnel and rubber seal below the Pro Box Seed Treat Stand prevent seed from spilling during the treating process. The height of the Seed Treat Stand is adjustable to accommodate all types of conveyors.

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