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Polyethylene film “Soyuz” is one of the most popular greenhouse films in Ukraine. “Planeta Plastic” has been manufacturing and selling polyethylene films for over a decade. The “Soyuz” film is the first stabilized polyethylene film in Ukraine. The quality of the “Soyuz” greenhouse film is trusted by farmers in all regions of Ukraine. Light-stabilizing additives protect the polyethylene against quick disintegration caused by UV rays.

Time does not stand still, and to improve the consumer characteristics, the composition of the “Soyuz” film is constantly being improved. We continue to work to improve film resistance to chemically active environments.

The key indicator of a trusted high-quality product is the desire of swindlers to forge it. Be careful! Beware of imitations and films of questionable quality. The list of official representatives of the “Planeta Plastic” polyethylene plant can be found on our website.

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