- Model SP-2200/SP-2400 - Spreaders



Turn your dump body into a winter workhorse with the SP-2200 under tailgate and SP-2400 replacement tailgate spreaders. These units allow you to combine the large capacity of a dump box with the efficiency of a SnowEx auger system, providing a cost-effective solution for year-round truck use.


A compact, weather-resistant direct drive transmission delivers efficient flow to the spinner by reducing potential binding and bridging of materials. The unit’s heavy-duty solid steel construction provides maximum torque.

  • A standard universal mounting kit allows the spreaders to fit on the existing attachment points on a wide range of dump bodies.
  • Dump boxes can be converted for spreading quickly, since the electric spreaders don’t require hoses, pumps or other hydraulic components.
  • The SP-2400 replaces the tailgate, while the SP-2200 mounts underneath the rear gate of dump bodies.

Auger Transmission

Direct drive transmission transfers power to the auger efficiently and effectively.

Mounting Kits

Standard universal mounting kit allows spreaders to easily attach to dump bodies.


Attached vibrator reduces material clumping for continuous material flow.

Speed Control

Dual variable-speed control allows independent adjustment of spread pattern and material flow, and features auto reverse.


Standard work light offers better visibility in dark or snowy conditions.

Clean-Out Tray

A hinged clean-out tray on the SP-2200 can be lowered to easily remove material buildup after use.

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