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Model SP 461 LF - Big Little Harvester Head


The SP 461 LF is a very fast, nimble high performance harvester head. It is designed according to SP´s Low Friction principle for minimum friction and maximum productivity. The SP 461 LF is perfectly suited to work on midsize thinning carriers with long reach as well as smaller in stand thinning carriers.  Fast feeding in combination with low weight and very compact measurements ensures highest efficiency and productivity even in dense small diameter thinning. In larger diameter thinning the clever SP patents LogHold and proportional angled feed rollers gives the SP 461 LF an impressive handling and capacity. The SP 461 LF is in all respects - a big little harvester head. The SP 461 LF reaches top performance in stands with a diameter of 10 – 25cm ( 4-10”) dbh, but is thanks to the LF principle also capable of efficiently working with larger tree sizes.

The SP 461 LF has a very high level of standard equipment. However a number of different options are available for being able to optimize the harvester head for different needs, carriers and conditions. The below list contains the most common options. For more information please contact your nearest SP dealer.

Colour marking SUPERMARK

This equipment is used for making the forwarding easier when the qualities/lengths are very similar to each other and difficult to spot with pure eye sight. As the saw bar cuts through the stem SUPERMARK sprays a colour on the cutting area, marking it with a specific colour corresponding to the particular length/ quality. By combining the two colours it is possible to mark up to 3 different qualities.

Multi tree equipment

The multi tree equipment makes it possible to fell and accumulate several trees before processing them. A very productive and time saving option for small size stems.

Feed rollers

Different feed rollers for different species and conditions.

Complete measuring systems

The SP 461 LF can be supplied with one of the following four different measuring systems:

Dasa5 - Dasa4 dxPC - Dasa4Compact
Motomit IT - Motomit PC

Preparation for measuring systems

The SP 461 LF can be supplied prepared for machines equipped with any of the following measuring systems:

  • Dasa5 - Dasa280 - Dasa380 - Dasa4 dxPC - Dasa4Compact
  • Motomit IT - Motomit PC
  • Valmet MAXI
  • JohnDeere Timbermatic 300/3000
  • Technomatic
  • Aptor20

Other options

Rotators - Swing dampers - Joysticks- Parts kits - Rotator valve

  1. SP´s patented proportional angulation of the feed rollers provides more carrying force the larger the trunk for lowest friction and maximum production.

  2. The floating top knife gives an excellent delimbing, lower friction as well as an easier processing of crocked stems. Casted in high strength steel for best durability.

  3. The three movable delimbing knives are casted in high strength steel for best durability. The upper and lower knives have a unique radius to each other providing an absolute perfect delimbing result all the way from 350 to 30mm.

  4. The frame consists of only the best possible materials. Parts of the frame that are in contact with the trunk is of a highly wear resistant material for longest possible life. The clean design of the frame without delicate components prevents wear and downtime.

  5. For optimum performance the SP 461 LF is standard equipped with separate knife control. This makes for example the processing of crocked trees as well as the reversing of large diameter trees an easy task.

  6. The length measuring unit is controlled by a strong and fast cylinder. In combination with the large movement of the measuring unit this ensures perfect measuring results also on bumpy and uneven stems.

  7. Delimbing knife number 5 is integrated in the saw box and helps with the delimbing of the lower part of the tree when positioning for the felling.

  8. The SP 461 LF is run by powerful piston motors, known for their high torque and quality. The motor arms are casted in high strength steel for best durability.

  9. The colour marking system SUPERMARK is one of many clever options. The colour tanks are strategically placed for best function and protection.

  10. The movable accumulating block for incoming hoses minimizes wear on both hoses as well as on the valve bank.

  11. All functions of the harvester heads are integrated in one compact valve bank for a minimum of hoses. The perfectly adjusted hydraulics works very efficient with a minimum of losses. In combination with the LF principle this makes the SP 461 LF a very fast and easy to work with harvester head with an unrivalled productivity.

  12. The main cover is hinged for fast and easy maintenance. The tight fit prevents dirt and snow packing.

  13. The diameter measuring is linked to both upper delimbing knives for best accuracy. The diameter encoders are well protected in sealed housings for minimum wear and longest life.

  14. The delimbing knives are equipped with long and perfectly designed cutting edges. This ensures that the limbs are smoothly cut of instead of broken off. This minimizes the friction during the feeding and gives a perfect delimbing result.

  15. The motor arms are equipped with robust protection plates for hydraulic fittings for less wear and down time.

  16. The robust and powerful saw unit SUPERCUT100 features integrated chain lubrication and an automatic hydraulic tensioning of the chain. The unique gear rack solution provides superior power through out the whole cutting cycle. Together with SP´s QuickCut this ensures an optimized cutting time and a minimized risk of cutting cracks.


  • Min. pump capacity: 185 l/min    
  • Rec. working pressure: 23 - 25 MPa    


  • Proportional clamping pressure of the feed rollers in relation to trunk diameter, individual settings for different species for optimum performance.
  • Roller motors: 398 cc    
  • Max. opening: 420 mm    
  • Feed speed: 5 m/s    
  • Feeding force: 18 kN    
  • Proportional pressure: Yes    


  • The SuperCut 100 is a very powerful saw unit with integrated chain lubrication and hydraulic tensioning of the chain. Together with SP’s QuickCut, this optimises cutting time and minimises the risk of cutting cracks.
  • Cutting diameter: 530 mm    
  • Chain speed: 40 m/s    
  • Saw motor: 20 cc    
  • Saw unit: SuperCut 100    
  • QuickCut: Yes    


  • Proportional delimbing knife pressure in relation to trunk diameter for minimum friction and maximum production. Individual setting of upper/lower knives and for different tree species for optimum performance.
  • Movable knives: 4 incl. top knife    
  • Fixed knives: 1    
  • Delimbing diameter tip to tip: 350 mm    
  • Min. delimbing diameter: 30 mm    
  • Proportional pressure: Yes    
  • LogHold: Yes    

Weight and dimensions

  • With extremely compact measurements and low weight, the SP 461 LF is perfectly suited for thinning operations in dense stands.
  • Width closed: 850 mm    
  • Width open: 1130 mm    
  • Height: 1230 mm    
  • Weight: 726 kg    


  • The SP 461 LF can be fitted to a variety of different carriers such as conventional forest machines and excavators. In order to ensure good function, please consult your nearest SP dealer or SP staff.
  • Felling
  • Proportional clamping pressure of the feed rollers in relation to trunk diameter, individual settings for different species for optimum performance.
  • Optimum trunk diameter*: 10 - 25 cm
  • Max. rec. trunk diameter*: 35 cm

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