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Model SP 861 LF - Raw Power and IQ Combined Harvester Heads


The SP 861 LF is a powerful and reliable high performance harvester head. It is designed according to the LF principle for maximum productivity. The SP 861 LF is specifically designed for installation on tracked carriers and demanding harvesting applications.

With an extremely strong overall design, well protected components and a maximum pulling force of 46 kN (10 340 lbf), the SP 861 LF is an excellent choice for large and limby woods. However what really separates the SP 861 LF from the competition lies in its unique combination of toughness, power and the many smart solutions. A combination that ensures both highest possible reliability and uptime as well as productivity and user friendliness. The SP 861 LF truly is - raw power & IQ combined.

The SP 861 LF is available both as a cut to length harvesting head as well as a dedicated processor with topping saw and specially designed processor knives for increased performance and productivity when processing decked wood out of a pile.

The SP 861 LF reaches top performance in stands with a diameter of 25 to 55 cm (10 - 22”) bhd, but is thanks to the LF principle also capable of efficiently working larger tree sizes.

The SP 861 LF has a very high level of standard equipment. However a number of different options are available for being able to optimize the harvester head for different needs, carriers and conditions. The below list contains the most common options. For more information please contact your nearest SP dealer.

Colour marking SUPERMARK

This equipment is used for making the forwarding easier when the qualities/lengths are very similar to each other and difficult to spot with pure eye sight. As the saw bar cuts through the stem SUPERMARK sprays a colour on the cutting area, marking it with a specific colour corresponding to the particular length/quality. By combining the two colours it is possible to mark up to 3 different qualities.

Top saw

The top saw is a very useful option in many applications, for example in heavy limbed hardwood, storm timber with broken tops or when topping trees in a full tree length operation.

Processing knives

The processing knives have an extended and rounded tip in order to simplify the grabbing of trees out of a pile when working as a processor.

Hydraulic motors

In order to optimize the SP 861 LF for different carriers and conditions there are 3 different motor sizes to choose from. Do you need maximum speed, torque or a good mix? 934 - 1034 - 1248 cc

Feed rollers

Different feed rollers for different species and conditions.

Find end sensor

Makes operations in pre felled woods easier and more productive. With the find end sensor the harvester head reverses down to the root end of the stem, stops and sets the length to zero, all with the press of one button.

Complete measuring systems

The SP 861 LF can be supplied with one of the following measuring systems:

  • Dasa4 dxPC - Dasa4Compact - Dasa5
  • Motomit IT - Motomit PC
Preparation for measuring systems

The SP 861 LF can be supplied prepared for machines equipped with any of the following measuring systems:

  • Dasa280 - Dasa380 - Dasa4 dxPC - Dasa4Compact - Dasa5
  • Motomit IT - Motomit PC
  • Valmet MAXI
  • JohnDeere Timbermatic 300/3000
  • Technomatic
  • Aptor20
Other options

Rotators - Swing dampers - Joysticks Parts kits - Rotator valve

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