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Model SP550 Series - Solar Pump


Solartech Solar Pump SP550 Series is the pumping facility driven by solar energy, which consists of a solar pumping inverter and a pump. It is called solar pumping system combining with solar arrays designed according to different head and daily water flow for application. System is widely utilized for agriculture irrigation,desert control,pasture animal husbandry,city landscaping,daily water supply, etc.

In recent years, with the development of photovoltaic products from city application to huge demands of agriculture,pasture,desert areas, Solartech Solar Pump has become the leading products combining photovoltaic industry with traditional industry such as agriculture water conservancy,desert control,daily water supply,city landscaping, etc.

Solartech Solar Pump driven by infinite solar energy, works from sunrise, and stops at sunset, need no connection to grid power nor diesel oil and battery. System can irrigate directly or store water instead of electricity in a reservoir. Solartech Solar Pump works with sprinkling irrigation, drip irrigation and infiltrating irrigation facilities, can be more efficient for water saving and dramatically lower the cost of using fossil energy.

Solar Pump SP550 Series  is a pumping device powered by solar energy, consists of a solar pumping inverter and a pump, mainly used for agriculture irrigation, desert control, pasture animal husbandry, city waterscape, seawater desalination, living water supply and so on.

Use solar energy, need no connection to grid.         Automatically operation, maintenance free.
Easy to install and move, high universality.              Clean and green, high economic benefits.

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