Model SPA - Automatic Potato Planter



The company F.lli Spedo has developed, after months of detailed studies and fi eld trials, a new element to reduce the working times and increase the effi ciency of the machine with a more precise and controlled laying of the tuber. The machine can also work in hilly lands of average slope thanks to the inclination of the tuber guiding channel. The new element 2016 is equipped with a device which allows to loosen the conveyor belt. This action facilitates the cleaning of the belt and prevents its tension when the machine is stopped (at the end of the season).

THE AUTOMATIC POTATO PLANTER, projected for medium and big farms, permit a high-quality seeding in short time. The strong structure “WITH DOUBLE FRAME “allows to work on uneven terrain without causing any damage to the machine. The inclination of the belt (Fig. 1A) permit to work on hilly ground with medium slope and the element is equipped with an inspection window (Fig. 5C) for cleaning or to remove the remained seed. The hopper is equipped whit a rubberized canvas (Fig. 5B), wich prevent a massive loading of tubers on the belt. The belt (Fig. 5A), is equipped with cups for tubers of a diameter from 30 to 50 mm. For lower diameter there is a plastic reduction (Fig. 4) to insert on the cup, Opt. The superior pulley with small blades (Fig. 2A), supported by 2 compression springs (Fig. 2C), allows greater and continuous adherence to the conveyor belt by eliminating skidding which would cause failed areas of sowing. The new element 2016 is equipped with a device (Fig. 3) which allows to loosen the conveyor belt. This action facilitates the cleaning of the belt and prevents its tension when the machine is stopped (at the end of the season). The inferior pulley (Fig. 6), has a biconical shape with small wings. This shape prevent the accumulation of extraneous material that can damage the belt. The mechanical vibrator (Fig. 2B), situated behind the belt, gives a regular and constant vibration, that prevent the loading of more tubers on one cup. The adjustable furrow opener share (Fig. 1B) with its particular shape, makes an uniform furrow at a desired depth. The discs (Fig. 1C) (SPA-2/D) , with a diameter of 460 mm. (510 mm. on request), can be adjusted in several positions to get the best covering. They are equipped with a compression spring (Fig. 1D), that allow to work on strong soil. For particular needs (soil with stone or weed) the machine can be supplied with floating ridgers, with springs (Fig. 7) (SPA-2/A). The gear set for changing the sowing distances (Fig. 9) is very simple to handle and permit to get the desired distances between tubers in short time. There are 12 positions to choose (see the table of distances). The seeding element can be supplied with a forrow opener share on parallelogram system with wheels for depth control (Fig. 8).

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