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Model SPA - Brush Machines


The treatment stage is comprised of various substages (washing, wet or dry brushing, drying, waxing, buffing, etc…), each of which requires different machines depending on the type of product being treated. Some of these machines are designed primarily to remove dirt (dust, soil, chemical residue) or organic materials such as the down of kiwis and peaches, which many end consumers dislike, from fruit and vegetables.
The technologies (machines) developed by Unitec allow these treatments to be carried out with great precision, thus guaranteeing flawless product presentation to the market.

Brushing and washing rotating system for potatoes and carrots.
Models are available in hot galvanized steel and in AISI304 stainless steel.

SPA_S is a dry brushing system with a steel structure and a series of brushes for product treatment.

The SPA_L series consists of models with washing and predrying sectors and electrofan. They are available with a stainless steel structure and with a by-pass system.

Vertical dry brushing system suitable for chestnut treatment.
A waxing system is also available.

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