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- Model 3 - Electric Olive Harvesters



ATRAX electric is harvesting head for any olive variety and tree. The ATRAX electric was introduced, a 12V battery running olive harvester.

  • Powerfull brushless DC Motor, 750 W that runs using 12V car battery, 70 A-hr suggested.
  • Very light in weight due to the use of special material, 2.5 lbs for the head and 4.4 lbs with the 6.5 ft aluminum extension pole, in its basic configuration
  • Adjustable speed for the rakes from 600-1200 cycles/min.
  • Rakes with 8 interchangeable teeth, made from a special designed carbon fiber, that can deeply reach within the brances without damaging them.
  • Very productive, harvesting capacity 300-430 lbs/hr.

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