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Model SPA - Flat Bottom Silos



SPA silos are designed for long-term storage of all kinds of cereals. Their floor is flat with air channels for grain ventilation. The rich offer allows to select the relevant size for any farm, as well as a mill, fat plant and industrial plant. Standardly, they are made from galvanized steel sheet or, upon request, from zinc-aluminium coating steel sheet (Galfan). Galfan coating ensures optimum protection in severe weather conditions.
The silos made of flat steel sheets ensure a very stable, robust and rigid construction. ARAJ silos can be installed separately or in batteries forming storage/drying complexes equipped with systems for loading, unloading, aeration, temperature control systems, process visualization and data acquisition.

1. Silo inlet
2. Silo roof
3. Silo side surface
4. Rotary extraction head
5. Roof inspection hatch
6. Base inspection hatch

1. Grain aeration system
2. External with safety cage
3. Rest platform
4. Grain aeration fans
5. Sub-floor conveyor system
6. Sweep auger
7. Overhead walkway system
8. Silo loading system
9. Filling sensor
10. Temperature measurement system
11. Computer system for silo battery management with visualisation

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