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The sawdust spreaders series SPAND Bicieffe 36 distribute optimally and uniformly the various types of sawdust, the wet separated, the chopped straw. The distribution is performed with a turbine that works without admission of air in order to contain the dust emission to a widely acceptable level.

These versions are worn with a three-point linkage at the tractor. The 'pivoting wheels kit' is necessary to compensate for small tractors or in the presence of precarious gratings . The hydraulic gear-case replaces the direct attacks on the tractor when the control units of these are not enough, or in the presence of wet separated. In such a case the 'shaker kit for separated' is inserted, so that it eliminates the formation of cavities. On request the large capacity of the container can be reduced in height to supply needs of passage.

The SPAND Bicieffe 31 versions are self-loading models adaptables to any type of front or telescopic loader. With the same medium it is possible to discharge the material in cubicles, in a simple and easy way, using the auxiliary hydraulics distributors of the means in which they are engaged.

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