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Years of combined experience and expertise makes Nye a leader in the industry of bucket manufacturing always with the customer in mind. We manufacture buckets and attachments for absolutely all applications. Give us a call and put our dedication and commitment working for you. All Nye buckets exceed manufacturers’ specifications regardless of class.

Mini Simulator Bucket

  • Virtual Bucket simulation (remote control).
  • Robotic simulation in different environments.
  • Fast analytic results.

Magnet Bucket (Stealth QC Option)

  • Solid T1 sides.
  • Extra lead for working around services.
  • Solid QT* side plates.
  • Optional depressed center semi-spade lip.
  • Optional side cutters and wear plates.

Screening Bucket

  • Designed for gravel screening.
  • 3/4' screens can be installed or any other size under 4'.
  • One complete basket plate can be installed to convert to general purpose.

Slab Bucket

  • Improved Design.
  • Optional gripper teeth.
  • Optional Rotator.
  • Customer's choice of profile and hookup.

Grapple Bucket

  • Available in all widths for all excavators.
  • Designed with tapered side cutters for easy excavating and dumping.
  • Wear straps are standard in all buckets.

Non Sparking Bucket

  • Special design Non Sparking bucket.
  • Welded heat treated Aircraft grade Aluminum.
  • Built to customer's specs.

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