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- Model CH Series - Coffee Huller


This high efficiency Spectrum Coffee Huller can be used for hulling both parchment and dry cherry coffee.This hulling method is extremely efficient resulting in higher outputs with lower power consumption. The friction between the coffee beans is minimum and therefore there is no loss due to the generation of coffee dust or breakage of beans.

The Huller consists of a Cross Beater which rotates inside a perforated cylinder. The coffee to be hulled is fed into the hulling cylinder where the cross beater forces the coffee to pass through the perforated screen. This results in the complete separation of the husk from the coffee beans. The coffee beans and husk then pass through a powerful Aspirator which can be precisely adjusted for the perfect separation of husk and peels from the coffee beans.

An Oscillating Screen is also provided for the separation of un-hulled coffee from the clean hulled coffee beans by means of specific gravity. The Oscillating screen consists of a conical swinging sieve suspended by a universal joint. The frequency of oscillation can be adjusted by means of a step-less adjustable drive.

In the Oscillating Screen the un-hulled coffee moves towards the center of the screen and is collected through a duct while the hulled coffee beans move towards the outer rim of the screen and are discharged from the machine through the adjustable outlet duct. Swing down type doors are provided for quick and easy access to the hulling cylinders for the purpose of cleaning or replacement of blades and perforated screen. Individual motors have also been provided for the Huller, Aspirator and Oscillating Screen, so as to maintain their constant speeds irrespective of variations in each other, thus ensuring optional and smooth performance.

  • Provides higher output by consuming lower power.
  • Avoids any kind of loss due to generation of Coffee dust or breakage of beans.
  • The wear resistant hulling blades are four times reversible.
  • Hulling blades and perforated screen are quickly changed.
  • Trouble free performance through individual motor drives.

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