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Spectrum Industries

- Model S-4001 Series - Camera Sorter


The S-4001'Spectrum Camera Sorter'is a highly functional machine and is used for a variety of color sorting applications like: food grains including rice color sorter, coffee color sorter, cereals color sorter, pulses color sorter, groundnuts color sorter etc., dehydrated vegetables. The product to be sorted can be scanned at up to 3000 scans per second that produces a very high resolution image of the object by using advanced high resolution line scan cameras. A video screen displays the resulting image for on-line viewing of the product. The resultant product data is then compared with user preset parameters in order to reject the defective product using ultra fast pneumatic ejectors.

The S-4001 is fully computerized with automatic calibration and self check procedures. It is possible to instantly change over from one product to another with the usage of pre-stored sorting algorithms.

  • High resolution line scan cameras.
  • Up to 3000 scans per seconds.
  • Auto cleaning by wiper system of the viewing area.
  • Super fast pneumatic ejectors.
  • Automatic on line calibration with self check procedures.
  • Fully computerized.

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