Intravision Group AS

Intravision Group AS

Spectrum Variable Lamps for Supplementary Light


SPECTRA and Zip Blades– Spectrum variable lamps for supplementary light in greenhouses, and for single layer production of biopharmaceuticals. Three different lenghts 2,4m, 2,1m and 1,6m. Seven different spectrums in the range from 360nm to 730nm(with more combinations beeing researched). Single or Double sided lamp. Dimable range 0-100W & 0-200W. 4 to 12 pixels.

Years of research has lead to our most efficient product using the newest line of available diodes. The blades are developed together with our customers and are made to serve different plant needs. We have several different pilot and research projects in respect to spectrum, intesitivity and photoperiode making Intravision confident that we can deliver what few others can.

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