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Speedy Wine Trimmer


The preparation of the base of the shearing machine is a supporting frame trailer complete with universal coupling to the tractor, with hydraulic cylinders for adjusting the opening, the lifting and the inclination of the cut. The cutter bar is double movable blade sections having a traverse of 80 mm. The controls are operated by a control console in the cab which controls a distributor elettroattuato. A support stand makes it easier to release the trimmer at the end of the work.

  • Working width: 1.35 Mt min – 3 Mt max
  • Pump capacity required:25/30 Lt min – 40 Lt max
  • Cutter shift: 80 mm
  • Vertical blade length:1.85 cm and 2.10 cm
  • Hydraulic jacks:
    • Cutter height adjustment
    • Cutter angle adjustment
    • Top blade aperture
  • Top cutter length: 70 cm and 1.10 cm
  • Trimming collector on each vertical: Blade
  • Controls: Electrohydraulic distributor
  • Structure:
    • Particulary low frame for improved
    • visibility
    • Universal tractor coupling stand to
    • facilitate uncoupling of mechanical
    • trimmer and pruner
  • Cutting components: Sectioned mobile twin cutters
  • CE Certification: Yes

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