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Spinning Disc Manure Spreaders

Sharing the same body design features as the 2000 series machines the Delilah 3000 series models are equipped with twin horizontal beaters and spinning discs. The discs have a 6, 3 or 2 blade configuration with blade angle adjustment for accurate spreading control. Close spaced floor slats and adjustable floor speed control ensure a constant delivery at low application rates. The machines are equipped with a hydraulically operated slurry door, full opening rear canopy, adjustable lower door section and a boundary spread limiter. Interchangeable spreading units. A quick attach system allows you to have two spreader units on your Delilah or FBS spreader and allows you to choose the right spreading unit for the job in hand, twin vertical beaters for high application rates and spinning discs for low application rates.

  • Twin horizontal beaters with gearbox drive
  • Hydraulic lifting rear canopy with flow control curtain
  • Twin spinning discs with hardened blades for spreading up to 24 metres
  • Variable spread width control
  • Boundary spread limiter

  • Sprung drawbar
  • Rear drawbar c/w brakes and electrics
  • Electronic bed speed control
  • GPS Ground speed control with valve block
  • Fully automated weighing and recording equipment with GPS

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