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The simple mower with lateral drive. Fitted with a hydraulic ram for lifting into the transport and headland position. The Classic models 205 and 240 are available in HD versions. A perfect cutting pattern and an unrivalled output under all crop conditions, a compact and solid construction, fuel economy and low maintenance costs; these are the main characteristics of the Splendimo Classic mowers. The combination of a powerful lateral drive with V-belts and low power requirements, guarantees the highest output. With working widths varying from 1.65 m to 3.20 m, the Classic series is the most comprehensive in the Splendimo range.


Due to the concept of the modular cutter bar and the lateral drive system, prolonged mowing at very extreme angles is possible. The lateral drive and V-belts allow the mower to be operated at a vertical angle of 90°, or at a downward angle of 50°. Due to the modular construction, the lubrication of the mowing units is always assured.


Once the tractor’s hydraulic lifting equipment is set up, it can remain in a fixed position during operation. With one simple movement of a hydraulic lever, the mower is raised into the headland position high above the crop. This saves time when turning on headlands and prevents hitting the swath. Partly due to the horizontal raising and lowering action of the mower, damage to the grass is impossible.

The contour-following characteristics of mowers are especially important for high-quality silage with minimal soil contamination. Furthermore, an evenly cut stubble is very important to stimulate crop re-growth. The construction of the Splendimo mower is therefore entirely designed to follow the ground contours as smoothly as possible. The floating cutter bars with best possible flexibility ensure an even ground pressure.


Splendimo Classic mowers can be folded into the transport position easily from inside the cab. The machine is simply raised by the same lifting ram that is used for the headland position. The machine tilts 90° and locks itself into this position so that safe transport is assured. Because of the compact construction of the Classic mower, the transport width remains narrow.


The reliable lateral drive system is standard on all Classic models and combines a V-belt transmission and a lateral drive system with inner shoes to drive the cutter bar. The major benefit of the Classic system is that the cutter bar can operate at extreme angles, even in the folded-up position.


The Classic 205 and 240 HD (Heavy Duty) models are specially made for mowing roadsides and fallow land crops. The protective cover is made from extra strong Twaron cloth. In addition to the standard skids, HD mowers also feature 8 mm thick, hardened wear plates. Due to the modular cutter bar concept, the machine is very maintenance friendly. All Splendimo HD mowers are fitted with a three-part hexagonal drive shaft. Repair costs are kept to a minimum because any damage remains limited; the cutter bar can be quickly and easily repaired on the spot. In addition to models with lateral drive, the Splendimo 240 F and 280 F front mowers are available in HD versions. The special trailed suspension of the front mower in combination with the headland lifting ram makes these front mowers particularly suitable for mowing on uneven terrain.


To enable the front mower to work in all conditions and to guarantee an overlap on slopes, a side-shift ram is available, which makes it possible to move the mower hydraulically 15 cm to the left and 15 cm to the right. The ram is mounted between the accord ram and the lifting system and needs a double-action valve to operate.

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