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Split-Half Spiders


Two-part spiders simplify changing worn and broken spiders on skewtreaders and mulchers. These feature two half bodies held together with four nuts and bolts making installation quick and easy! Two-part spiders come with our own Mielke Mulcher, but can also be purchased separately to replace spiders on your current skewtreader or mulcher.

Worn spiders pack and pulverize the soil. Replacing them with new, full length spiders allows residue to be picked up and deposited on the surface. This forms mulch that prevents soil erosion. This also provides an insulating barrier which keeps soil temperature cooler thus retaining more soil moisture.

Spiders are available in ductile iron or chromium alloy. Chromium usually outwears ductile 5 to 1 or better in good soil, but is more susceptible to breakage in rocky conditions.

We also sell the original one piece spiders.

Vailable As:

  • Chrome Spider Assembly  Part # SPDCA
  • Ductile Spider Assembly    Part # SPDD

Spider Assemblies Include

  • Two Spider Halves
  • Two PVC Bushing Halves
  • Four Flange Bolts
  • Four Locknuts

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