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Spotmix Fish - the Revolutionary Economical Feed System for Professional Fish Farming. For more than 10 years, Spotmix Fish has impressed professional fish breeders worldwide with never-before seen options in fish feeding and with sensational profitability. The pneumatic, fully-automated feed system is able to supply any pond or lake with virtually any amount and composition of feed portion as many times a day as is needed. From the central feed chamber, feeding stations for farmed fish up to 800 m away can be supplied in the same way as the breeding basins with a feed amount of just 20 g per feed. The capacity of a system makes it possible to automatically distribute approx. 2,000 kg of fish food per day. Spotmix Fish is most frequently used for fish farms with trout-like fish (so-called salmonids) and in sturgeon breeding. But it is equally possible to use in other types.

TOPO Spotmix Fish VUI (Visual User Interface) is an exceptionally convenient feeding and management software for automatic feeding in fish farms. With this software feed quantities can be adjusted to temperature, which greatly improves nutrient utilzation. The data are stored in a fully network-compatible SQL database, making it possible to access them with portable devices and to diagram them on any internet-based terminal.

The standard solution in the area of fish feeding consists of automatic feeding machines which are installed in the ponds on a decentralized basis and distribute the feed either directly through the activity of the fish, or on the basis of time control and/or sprinkle the feed into the water. Spotmix Fish is a fully automatic centralized feeding system which distributes the recipe and quantity-adjusted feed portions to the individual feeding points over up to 800 m. The quantities of feed are specified according to need on the basis of feeding curves. The consumption levels of the fish vary, however, due to differing water temperatures that depend on the season and the weather conditions. Therefore, with Spotmix Fish, this has been automated with a 'sensor detection via temperature sensors.' With this system, the correction value for the feeding curve can be specified on an input screen depending on the water temperature. This prevents feed losses. The supply of speed can therefore be ideally adapted to the actual needs of the fish automatically and at all times.

  • Spotmix Fish saves on feeding costs by reducing feed losses by up to 20%. Many of our customers confirm that this system pays for itself in less than two years.
  • Spotmix Fish saves on work time and substantially improves the quality of work due to the automatic distribution of the needs-based feed mix by a central feed chamber
  • Spotmix Fish is a professional management programme, which offers a centralized overview of the status of the fish stock and the feeding, and also enables direct intervention via the changing of the feeding strategy.
Additional benefits of Spotmix Fish that will convince you
  1. Fish should be fed several times a day, slowly and regularly, and adapted to the environment (feed mixes). Optimum growth with best quality and feed savings - is achieved with Spotmix on the basis of individual computer control!
  2. Precise and differing feed portions at any number of different feeding points (also extremely small quantities, e.g., with spawn, feeding experiments, ponds, channels) - are achieved with Spotmix due to an exact weighing system!
  3. Individual mixing of several different components per feeding point, e.g. astaxanthin / pellet sizes / energy 45-7 / 50-20 - is achieved with Spotmix via the central mixer!
  4. Automatic adjustment of the feed quantities and varieties to the daily growth, to the water temperature as required, and possible automatic additional supply of oxygen before the feeding - is achieved with Spotmix due to the automatic feeding curve!
  5. Omitting feed losses -> feed cost savings and maintaining the cleanliness of the fishes' water - is achieved with Spotmix due to the careful feed transportation!
  6. Saving on working time and lower personnel costs due to automatic feeding, higher daily weight gains due to regular extra feeding on weekends, public holidays, during vacations - are achieved in full with Spotmix due to the automatic system monitoring!
  7. No marring of the management of the pond / channel / tank due to feed containers - is possible with Spotmix due to concealed feeding lines!
  8. Any number of different operating points can be remote-controlled and monitored via the internet - achieved with Spotmix with standard interfaces!
  9. Exact recording and evaluation of the feed consumption, weight and numbers of the fish, feed stocks, annual production, etc. - are realized with Spotmix thanks to fish management software!
  10. Centralized feeding technique with a 'dry feed store' for spawn, mast fish and spawning fish at HGV access road (e.g.: no development of feed mould in the hatchery) - solved with Spotmix thanks to the feed distribution via blower line!
  11. Reliable and operationally-safe system (frost-proof, heat-resistant, etc.) The straightforward option of accurate feeding experiments - all of this is achieved with Spotmix Fish, the most innovative multi-phase feeding system for professional fish farming.

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