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Spray Booth Controller



Operation: The controller is designed to operate one FAN (star delta configuration) for load of 15KW. A TIMER SBS1102 controls the pre and the post purge times. The timer operates as soon as the FAN is started. The Fan motor is protected by an electronic thermal overload with adjustable settings (24-40A). A door interlock is provide through and intrinsically safe barrier. Pre-purge time: the air valve will energise 1 minute after the fan starts operation provided all doors are closed. Post-purge time: the air valve de-energises when the STOP is pushed and the fan will stop after 5 minutes.

The SBC-1102 will control and operate the fan and air solenoid in spray booths.

  1. Pressing the START button energizes the exhaust fan and within 10 seconds the airflow switch must close to indicate the correct airflow.
  2. There is a pre-purge time set to 1 minute after which the solenoid will energize to allow the spray gun to operate.
  3. To switch the system off, push the STOP button. The solenoid de-energizes and stops the airflow to the spray gun. The fan will operate for a post-purge time of 5 minutes and then stop.

During the post-purge time the air solenoid can be energized at any time by pressing the start button. Should during operation the exhaust air fail, the flow switch contact opens, the sole-noid will de-energize and stop the operation of the air gun. The “no air flow” indicator will illu-minate and the alarm contact closes.

The SBC-1102 comes with plug-in base in an ABS enclosure H112mm x W52mm x D 107mm.
DIN RAIL mounting brackets are available.

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