Spray Nozzles


In addition to various hydraulic, or single fluid nozzles, HEI utilizes its two types of air atomizing nozzles for precise and effective control
of applications requiring fine atomization for cooling, conditioning, humidifying, etc.  HEI features its internal mixing design or AirSaver
Nozzles, and its external mixing design or Ultimix Nozzles.  For specific flow rates, HEI can provide the nozzle required to meet the challenge,
with a wide range of models varying from 0.15 GPH to 25 GPM.  AirSaver Nozzles operate at 50-60% less energy compared to most other types of dual fluid nozzles and Ultimix Nozzles are unique in that, they have a 20:1 or better turndown capability and droplet size is reduced on modulation turndown.

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