- Hydromulching


Spraygrass Landscapes pioneered the commercial use of hydromulching. Hydromulching is a one-step process where seed fertiliser and mulch and a binder/tackifier are combined together in water. The resulting slurry is sprayed onto the soil surface providing a wood fibre interlocking mat that retains moisture for seed germination.

Spraygrass has introduced a new approach to revegetation in remote areas with use of aerial Hydromulching. The use of this technique involves a helicopter and a specially designed kibble into which the Hydromulch mix is placed. The helicopter then drops the load onto the area tp be  revegetated. This technique has been used in the Pine Forests of ACT where severe bushfires wiped out the forests leaving the area  vulnerable to erosion. Though more expensive than the conventional approach to Hydromulching it nevertheless has a use when there is no other way.

The mulch is dyed green with a non-toxic chemical to help identify areas requiring ongoing treatment. This dye usually bleaches out of the fibre as growth of the seed cover crop advances.

On difficult slopes, additional Binders may be used to increase the effectiveness of the application. Hydromulching is best suited to higher rainfall areas such as coastal regions.


Although a large proportion of our work is carried out using grass seed, there is an increasing demand for for the hydromulching of disturbed areas with seeds of Australian native trees, shrubs and creepers.Spraygrass were first in offering this additional service, realising that not only was there a need to maintain the natural beauty of the Australian environment, but that only native vegetation would grow and flourish in some areas. The use of native species is especially suited to the revegetation of mine overburden and disturbed areas in national parks and adjacent areas.

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