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Spreadable Gypsum


Improves water penetration and retention: Gypsum supplies soluble calcium to soil and water, which loosens 'tight' clay soils, reduces surface crusting and soil sealing. Water and air can then freely infiltrate the soil for healthier root development and better nutrient uptake. Gypsum allows more efficient use of water by reducing run-off and evaporative losses.

Improves soil tilth, neutralizes sodic soils

Gypsum supplies soluble calcium to sodic soils and replaces sodium in the soil with calcium. Once the sodium has been replaced, it can be leached out of the profile. Lower cultivation costs can result from better soil tilth.

Increases the availability of nutrients in the soil

Nitrogen, potassium, calcium, sulfur, and zinc are more available to the plant after gypsum treatment.

Increases yields from problem soils

Healthy root systems and efficient uptake of water and nutrients improves crop yields and reduces disease susceptibility.

Supplies sulfate sulfur without affecting soil pH

Sulfate sulfur is the form of sulfur most quickly utilized by plants.


High Purity

More calcium is available from high-purity gypsum per ton spread vs. low purity gypsum so you save money and time when you spread high-purity BEN FRANKLIN®.

Natural mineral

Natural, high-purity BEN FRANKLIN® contains very pure, soluble calcium sulfate. You don't pay for or worry about harmful impurities because it's easy to handle and environmentally safe.

Full season soil availability

Course particles dissolve at slower rates than fine particles. USG mixes course and fine particles when producing BEN FRANKLIN® No. 1. Fine particles quickly dissolve in early irrigations for fast results. Coarse particles dissolve slowly in later irrigations for continued results all season long.

Reliable supply

USG produces BEN FRANKLIN® at the largest gypsum quarry in the United States. USG has more than 50 years of gypsum mining experience.

Local availability

Verdegaal Brothers stockpiles gypsum in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley for easy access.

Consistent results

USG tests purity daily to insure that we meet our guaranteed analysis so you achieve predictable results in the field.


  • High purity
  • Natural mineral
  • Full season soil availability
  • Reliable supply
  • Local availability
  • Consistent results
  • Improves water penetration and retention
  • Improves soil tilth, neutalizes sodic soils
  • Increases the availability of nutrients
  • Increases yields from problem soils
  • Supplies sulfate sulfur without affecting soil pH

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