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With years of research and development the most durable and simple is conceived for utilisation for the market. With two series available:
The Bolted Pannel Galvanised Serie, 20 years warranty, developed to resist for a long time to the abrasive side of the manure. The Bolted Pannel Aluminium Serie, 20 years warranty, equiped with a manure resistant aluminum grade and designed to reduce to maximum the spreader weight.
Fuel economy, Compaction reduced at maximum and his high durability are his biggest quality. All your spreader are equiped with the legendary DM undercarriage, symbol of strenght, agility and easy to use.


The assembly of the bolted pannel reservoir permits great flexability and durability. Interchangable panels allows for quick and easy replacement of damaged pannels.


The DM Spreader is powered by a front installed turbine which can be adapted to P.T.O 540 or 1000 rpm.(optional Hyd.) Input shaft is enclosed in a oil bath housing. An optional flow control recirculating valve can be installed permitting various rates on the go to the rear of spreader or for full in tank agitation.


All of our reservoirs are independent from the trailer chassis. This allows the end user to use our dump trailer or any other attachments designed to be used on our trailer chassis. An optional quick-attach roll-off is available to permit a quick and easy change of attachments in a matter of minutes.

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