- Liquid Inject Fertilizer


Springboard is a nutritionally-complete liquid inject fertilizer blend designed to promote the rapid establishment of broadacre crops including winter cereals, corn, canola, summer crops and legumes.

what can it do for my crops?

Springboard™ promotes rapid germination and root development for greater access to water and nutrients. It is also good for enabling quick colonization of the mycorrhizal fungi in the root zone for enhanced access to water and nutrients such as phosphorus and zinc. Springboard™ contains both fast and slow release forms of nutrients to sustain crops throughout the growing season. Its low-salt formula makes it more friendly and more efficient and more cost effective than alternative, salt-based granular starters.


what's in it?

Springboard™ contains a full spectrum of nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, sodium, silicon, boron, iron, manganese, copper, zinc and molybdenum.  The plant available, buffered nutrients are housed in a carbon-rich, easy-to-handle liquid that provides germination enhancers as well as biological promotants.


how should I use it?

Springboard™ will pass through 125 micron filter under ideal conditions hower a coarse inline filter (500 microns/35 mesh) is recommended to ensure the delivery lines are free from particle contaminants from other sources.

Springboard™ is a suspension concentrate and constant agitation is essential to ensure a consistent product.

It is advisable to pre-mix in a large tank, adding Springboard™ slowly while maintaining good agitation.

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