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Sprinkler Irrigation Pipes and Fittings



Sprinkler irrigation, is an irrigation system that sprays the water that the plant need, in form of rain under certain pressure. The system works with pressurized water. Individual sprinkler system consist of water supply, pumping unit, a main pipeline, consists of the lateral pipeline and sprinkler headers. PVC main pipe line must resist to 10 atm of pressure, whereas PE pipes needs to resist 6 bars. 6 atm pressure resistant PE pipes needs to be used in semi-permanent sprinkler system, whereas 10 atm pressure resistant rigid PVC pipes or 6 atm pressure resistant PE pipes can be used in fix sprinkler system.

  • Because of no loss of water, the system can be used and maximum advantage can be taken from water, even where there is less water for irrigation
  • Watering can be done without causing erosion in areas with inclined topography
  • As the water is given to ground in fine particles, the yield increase between 20-50% when compared to other irrigation methods.
  • Eliminates the status, where the plant stucks under the ground because of the creamy ground structure in germination process.
  • Decrease operational and labor costs.
  • Best irrigation choice in permaable fields, where the ground is low
  • Especially in places near the sea salt particles left by the wind, carrying salty water on plants, dust and harmful insects can be washed with a sprinkler.
  • Provides controlled water-sprinkler irrigation, so that, it’s the most suitable irrigation method in places where high ground water (drainage) problems exist.Increases the planting and operation area, by eliminating the need of field ditch
  • Fusible artificial fertilizers, can be given with  irrigation water  without need of labor.
  • Vegetables, citrus fruits, vineyards and other fruit can be protected from frost and heat.

  • Irrigation of inclined lands, gardens fields.

  • Form: Monte and sprinkler pipes are produced in high-density polyethylene that can be disassembled and the black against the sun UV rays also break due to the pipe material is suitable for use above ground.
  • Diameters: These are the main or even 110, 125, 160 mm and 75.90 mm in the lateral lines
  • Length: 5 m to 6 m
  • Color: Black

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