Marangon SRL

- Front Mower



 Front or rear mower coupled to the tractor through the third quick fit point or by the triangle of the second category. Adjust cutting height by the third point of the tractor. The front linkage type enables the towed mower to follow the progress of the soil with extreme precision, smoothing over bumps and dips eliminating the risk of damage to the cutter bar. The primary transmission is made through an oil bath gearbox and the secondary by gears in an oil bath. The mower has a self-leveling suspension. The shock absorber with double spring parallelogram system allows an optimal adjustment of the weight of the mower so as to guarantee a uniform surface pressure for a clean cut without any damage to the turf. Possibility to work with a front and a lateral mower reaching the maximum cutting width of six meters. Equipped with swaths squeeze kit.


The pull type front mounted attachment allows the mower to follow easily the line of the land in extremely precise manner adapting to humps and hollows reducing the risk to damage the cutter bar.

  • regular cutting
  • easy obstacle passage
  • greater speed cutting
  • increased production
  • less power required
  • cutter bar hardwearing


Smaller use of parts in movement, strong transmission of the power, reduced energy consumption and width of transport redoubt thanks to the direct transmission.


Double spring shock absorbers allow setting the best weight for the mower to maintain even pressure on the ground, always giving a clean cut without damaging the grassy surface.


The fastening to the tractor in quick execution is a standard supply to guarantee the best utilization flexibility.


The cutting bar is projected in a very flat way and has an integrated C profile which prevents the flexing of the bar and permits a good penetration in each kind of crops.


Assembled in one module to the cover with six bolts to maximize the strength of the support it lets you easily inspect inside the cutter bar and quickly carry out the disk drive module maintenance in a few minutes without opening the cutter bar. Bearings with strong stress transmissibility can bear the greatest shear strains and the bearings are spaced to enhance resilience.

Heavy thickness with an integrated reinforcement. This application helps to prevent the flexing of the cutting bar, to avoid the twisting of moving parts, especially on uneven terrain. The cover has an angular profile for a good penetration in the high-density forages and this avoid frontal stoppages. Oil capacity: this leads to an improved lubrication, a faster cooling and an efficient movement.

Round disk

Hot forged steel round disks provides a good cutting quality in all conditions and they also require less power. The size allows further setback from the stones that are struck. Round disks do not offer resistance to any obstacles and do not transmit stress or strain to the cutting mechanism. The forged steel blades are particularly resistant and do not bend or flex. Blades are fixed with strong high resistance bolts.


The rubber conditioner is ideal for conditioning certain crops, such as clover, alfalfa and legume which all require a more delicate treatment. It is made up of steel rollers covered with a layer of rubber, which delicately treat the product. The roller action lightly crushes the leaves or open stems, allowing rapid humidity evaporation from the plant.

They are fitted on swinging arms and connected to the bottom roller by springs, the top roller lifts up if a foreign body is found in its field of action. The transmission to the conditioning rollers is through gears to guarantee synchronism. The tension of the engine rollers and the distance between them are set on the basis of the harvest. The helical profile guarantees delicate conditioning for very leafy products.


The V whip conditioner in nylon, means that the forage is correctly treated, considerably reducing the time required for drying, whether it is to be used for producing hay or for ensiling. If you choose a Marangon RCF conditioning mower, you are certain of many advantages like less risk in bad weather, reduced number of operations, less waste due to crumbling.

What's more, the V nylon whip conditioners can also be used, by adjusting the rotor speed, on the most delicate plants, because the product is delicately treated without breaking. Transmission to the conditioner is simple and strong, made up of four SPB belts with automatic turnbuckle. Conditioning intensity can be adjusted by a variable position lever. The whip fixing allows simple maintenance of the rotor and easy replacement.

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