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All our machines are standard equiped with picking heads that have 6 knives, these picking heads are driven by hydraulic pressure, this results in a easy ajustable system that has a high precision and quality.  The sprouts are now cutted off instead of 'picked off'. At this way you will have straightway cleaned sprouts, this reduces labour and increases the quality of your product. Eject-rollers and leaf suction mechanism for removing leafs, centering mechanism that eases the insert of the plant and a complete adjustable system with relais or PLC-driven. Deman delivers all machines custom made, options and modifications are now problem for us. Since the year 2003, the complete picking section from the machie is detachable, so the caterpillar tracks can be used for other purposes.

The plucking head

In the past there were only four knives on the plucking head. Nowadays the system with six knives in used. The advantage of this system is that the knives cut better the sprouts. More and more buyers of the sprouts request that the plucking heads are foreseen with six needs.

In the past, the propulsion of the plucking head was pure mechanically. The closing of the plucking head happens by means of a spring and afterwards by the centrifugal force on the weights. When pressing the pedale, the brake blocks slow down the drum of the plucking head and opens in order to bring in the plant stem. By speeding up the plucking head, the closing power became bigger and it was possible to cut closer ot the stem. Actually everything happens hydraulically and electronically. A phototube detects the plant stem and allows a hydraulical motor to close the head.

Machine on caterpillar tracks  

The pictures of a 'new' three row caterpillar are from 1983. It was one of the first self propelled machines. The container is divided in two compartments. In those days the chopped sticks were used as cattle fodder.

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