- Model 1125 - Planter Filling Conveyor



Filling a Planter with expensive seed potatoes is accomplished quickly and without bruising using the 1125 Planter Filling Conveyor.  This unit can also be used in the fall as a dirt/tare Piler to remove dirt from the Eliminator.   

The 1125 Model has a 36-Inchwide belt, which is hydraulically driven. The conveyor has two separate hydraulic systems, one for the belt drive, and one for the auxiliary functions, which allow simultaneous use without loosing belt speed. To increase planting efficiency, an optional pup conveyor can be attached to allow staging of two Bulk Beds to minimize time switching trucks.

  1. The boom swing moves on the self-supported track with gasshock lift assist, and the stabilizer arms also function as transport braces.
  2. With the hydraulic cylinder or manual ratchet jack, the hitch is easily raised or lowered.

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