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- Model SQCL03 - Big Sugarcane Loader



sugarcane loader SQCL03: Range of application: plane filed, mountain area, dry land, hills. Function: Loading sugarcane and wood. Loading stone and sandy soil.

1. For high arm, loading sugarcane height is 4.25 meters

2. High-capacity with four cylinder 44KW engine

3. Flexible to operate, it has widen and bigger tire, adopts hydraulic steering and braking

4. More function, it is furnished with fork and bucket, it is easy to change so the machine can be used for loading sugarcane, log, rock, sands and so on

5. More efficiency,only 50-70 minutes can fill up 12ton truck, the effectiveness is eight times than manual work and the cost of filling up can reduce 5 RMB each ton.

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