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Model SSG3000 - AUTO Foot Bath


The SSG3000 is manufactured from stainless steel, fitted with rubber matting to provide a non slip surface, increasing both confidence, and throughput. The SSG3000 will via the control box automatically fill with water with the option to add a calibrated amount of chemical at refill.
The SSG3000 has two independently calibrated chemical pumps, which will allow two different chemicals to be used. If a powder is to be used, the pumps can be easily disabled. The SSG3000 control box has a button to wash and empty after use, by means of three powerful water jets, via two large drainage valves making the operation faster thus saving water.

The SSG3000 control box options:

  • Fill
  • Empty and Wash
  • Empty, wash and automatically refill (from one button)

There is an option to add a counter which will automatically set off the empty/ wash/ refill cycle after a set number of cows have passed through the SSG3000. This option is not standard.

The system requires:

  • 13 amp power supply
  • Reasonably sized volume washer with pressure switch
  • Air compressor

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