Model S - Stationary Bale Feeder



Farmers and cash-croppers are benefiting from the unique design of the stationary model of Bale Feeder by easily and quickly unrolling large square and round bales for preparing feed or re-baling into smaller bales. Take your crop off the field efficiently during good weather with large bales. Then with the Bale Feeder and a baler, reprocess the bales into small bales inside, without worrying about rain. This is ideal for efficient cash-crop operations servicing markets that prefer smaller, more manageable bales such as the horse industry.

BALE BUMPER (Optional)
Optional bolt-on attachment improves bale control, reducing risk of bale jumping out of the tray.

Reprocess bales efficiently
If you need small squares but want the efficiency of baling large rounds, Tubeline offers a  stationary model ideal for custom baling operations.
Take your crop off quickly, then when the weather turns gray, reprocess the hay into small bales which are then ready for delivery.

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