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Model ST20 - Robust Monitor



agriCAD ST20 is equipped with a large and robust monitor to be kept in the cabin and from a professional GPS antenna which guarantees an accuracy of 20 cm between a pass and the next. The system is used for all the work of preparation, treatment, fertilization and harvest. Users of GPS guidance systems parallel believe they have had more benefits than costs. The system allows to speed up processing, reduce operating times, optimize the use of fuel, fertilizer and herbicide. It allows measurement of hectares worked. The ST20 is the base of all the other systems of advanced precision. The monitor can be update to more precise versions, RTK and autosteer.

The width is fully customizable, you can define the number of sections and their widths.


During the machining operation is shown the distance from the line to maintain with indication on the steering to be done, to the right or to the left.


AB perimeter mode, allows you to do the perimeter of the field and then, or during, select the two points A and B.


When you have finished, you will see the complete map of the work. Will be also included the area, the perimeter and the percentage of the machined surface.

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