Model ST72 - 72 Watt Water Resistant LED Grow Light Bar


The ST72 72W LED Grow Light was designed from the ground up to be an entirely different kind of LED Grow Light.

We asked what commercial greenhouse and indoor warehouse vegetable growers what they needed in a grow light and they said they needed:

  • Low power, high efficiency
  • Ability to grow close to the canopy
  • Distributed, even application of PAR and PPFD
  • Durable, industrial design with no moving parts
  • Scaleable for vertical farming applications
  • IP 65 Water Resistant

Weight: 7.7lbs
Length: 39in
Width: 2.75in
Height: 2.5in
Power-consumption: 72 Watts
Diode-configuration: 10 x 7w COB Chips
Spectral-output: Designed For Commercial Growers
Operating-temperature: -4F to 110F (-20 to 43C)
Operating-voltage: 100 - 240 Volts
Frequency: 50/60 Hz

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