F.lli CRESSONI s.p.a.

- Sunflower Head



The header CRESSONI serie STACSOL has been developped to meet requirement of good and quick sunflower harvest with low wastes of product at a very reduced price. The cogged-roller under header pull the straw downward and help the cut of the sunflower head, it avoid that straw has pulled up from the ground and enter into the combine. The big screw guarantees a continuous regular feeding flux. The header STACSOL can be fitted to all makes and types of combines.

  • An innovation compared to the traditional system: a cogged-roller.
  • Detail of cogged-roller under the header.
  • Detail of cogged-roller.
  • The points allow the sunflower harvest at any distance row.
  • The points allow the sunflower harvester at 5 cm from the ground.
  • The resistant and light frame has a balanced structure in order to  eliminate the counterpoises.
  • The reel protection is hydraulic adjustable to be more or less aggressive as harvest may require.

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