Standard Bio-Ag Premixes



To determine the best formula to use for your livestock, we offer ration balancing tailored to your feeding requirements for enhanced livestock nutrition and improved herd health. Your home-grown feeds are tested at a local laboratory to provide accurate analysis information. We incorporate these feeds into the ration to keep purchased feed costs at a minimum.

  • 7 Dairy formulas based on the Calcium:Phosphorous Ratio
  • 2 Beef Premixes
  • 1 Sow Premix (for both Nursing & Dry Sows)
  • 1 Hi Energy Nursing Sow Supplement
  • 2 Pig Premixes (Starter & Grower)
  • 3 Poultry Premixes (Starter, Grower & Layer)
  • 1 Horse Mineral
  • 1 Organic Goat Premix
  • 1 Organic Sheep Premix
  • Available in 25 kg bags.

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