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The “Standard Fox” mounted sprayer produced since 2001 represents one of the most popular of sprayers from Caffini S.p.A. Its design is specific for growers of medium hectarage, by which it distinguishes itself with the high level of quality components used and the working flexibility of the “Entry” boom with which is equipped.

The superb design of the “Entry” boom lends itself to spraying fields subject to obstacles or on surfaces where it’s necessary to fold and unfold frequently alternative sides of the boom. The “Entry” boom does all these functions with the maximum comfort and reduced down time.
The main characteristics of this boom are the fold rods controlled by 1 hydraulic cylinder per side and levers that allow the boom to fold like a 4 section boom.  In this way, it’s possible to close only the last section on one side (1/4) of the boom, while the rest of the boom it remains perfectly aligned to the ground. For this reason a large choice of operating widths, supported by an automatic locking of the patented equalizer (part of the standard equipment), in preparation for folding or unfold partially one single sector of the boom. The hydraulic controls can be activated through (3) double acting spool valves or from an Electro-hydraulic selector (Oleomatic) controlled from a Joystick

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