- Model SE - Solid Potting Machines



A solid potting machine, in principle the same as the Javo Standard. The Special Elevator is very suitable for heavy and moist soil types. This machine is suitable for round and square pots from 5-25cm.

A specially constructed soil elevator allows for the possibility to get optimal results in potting while using very heavy substrates.

This potting machine has, like the Standard, a large efficient working space and is standard equipped with 4 wheels. This allows for the machine to be placed wherever desired. The speed of the soil supply belt inside the machine is adjustable.

The Javo Standard SE potting machine is regular equipped with 20 pot positions and can be set up for double pots. This allows for a maximum of 6,000 pots per hour.

Both sides of the machine allow for a take-off which gives to flexibility for different locations.


  • Suitable for pots from 5-19cm, optional up to 25cm
  • Especially suitable for regular and heavy soil types
  • Equipped with 2 wheels and 2 swivel wheels
  • Equipped with 3 electro motors


  • Longer pottrack
  • Continuous pottrack system
  • Soil bin extension
  • Longer soil bin
  • Granular fertilizer dispenser
  • Several drill units and pot dispenser
  • Brush unit, compaction roller
  • Pot holders for different pot sizes

  • Suitable for:round and square pots, bag holders
  • Sizes:5 - 19cm, optional up to 25cm (9¾')
  • Capacity:1.200 - 2.760 pots per hour, double: <6.000 pots per hour, continuous: <8.000 pots per hour
  • Length:3.250mm (10'10')
  • Width:1.200mm (4')
  • Height:1.980mm (6'7')
  • Soil bin capacity:700 liter
  • Weight:750 kg
  • Voltage:400Volt 50Hz / 220Volt 60Hz
  • Power:2,5 Kw
  • Power connection:16A, 5 pins CEE plug

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