- Model HT 200 - Rotators



The energy cutter HT 200 is suitable for cutting and shifting trees and bushes on the edge of fields and forest roads, for the maintenance of forest parks, to cut down the trees in gardens and for clearing works The automatic sloping of the grab allows to charge the cutting wood in a handy way. The use of the grab does not require ad- ditional hydraulic distributors apart those required for the rotator motion. The log cutter grab HT 200 can be adjusted on forestry cranes, tractors and excavators from 3.5 to 7.0 tons.

  • Wide range to meet all requirements.
  • Log high pow    Grabs built with materials characterized by mechanical performances that, combined with eiful cylinders, ensure considerable strength
  • to chie structure and a consistent productive life.
  • The  performing  design  ensures a  remarkable capacity to pick up the charge in a compact way so increasing the load capacity.   
  • Shut-off valve on the cylinder-series equipment.
  • RMi;eries with tapered sleeve-pins.

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