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- Model T2 - 2-Row Trailed Potato Harvester



The High Performance 2-Row Potato Harvester T2: This is a 2-row tractor trailed potato harvester developed by engineers at Standen Engineering for high output and efficiency with low crop damage. Moving Up a Gear: The Standen T2 offers significantly more output. An additional front digger web and a longer sieving web provide a dramatic increase in total web area. VariSep adjustable web step separation, between the digging and sieving webs provides another major boost to output, and on-the-move adjustability.

OMEGA - Advanced Separation Technology
Developed by Standen for the T2, OMEGA is a fluted roller separating system, featuring soft deformable scroll rollers and the choice of rubber covered or steel clod rollers. OMEGA is designed to make the most of T2's high output potential. Neat, flush sides mean T2 is only 2.9m wide for transport; the wheel track is adjusted from the cab’; T2 is ready for work, or ready for the road in seconds.

  • Chassis: Open Plan, tubular heavy-duty welded construction
  • Power requirements: 170 hp+ tractor, tractor oil supply/return, 12v electrics
  • P.T.O input: 1000 rpm
  • Drives: All-hydraulic variable speed, in-cab controls
  • In-cab controls: Touch Screen, programmable, joystick console, CAN-bus electronics.
  • Drawbar: Hydraulic adjustment, in-cab control
  • Depth control: Automatic, left/right independent, in-cab control override
  • Depth sensing: 2 x Zero pressure rubber wheels
  • Intake discs: 4 x 740mm, spring loaded, with heavy-duty bearings
  • Shares: 2 x 2-piece
  • Haulm intake rollers: 2 x haulm intake rollers at outer discs, centre rubber flap
  • Digging web: 36mm pitch, 1620mm wide, 27 degree maximum web angle
  • Sieving web: 40mm pitch, 1620mm wide, 18-24 degree web angles
  • Sieving web step: VariSep, primary/secondary web step adjustment (20cm), in-cab control
  • Sieving web agitation: 3 x high frequency, adjustable, in-cab control
  • Haulm guides: Curved tines at top of secondary web
  • Haulm removing roller: Hydraulic driven, rubber covered 82mm, adjustable, reversible, in-cab control
  • Transfer 1: Deformable fluted roller, clod roller
  • OMEGA separation: 2 x OMEGA units @ 1700mm working widths, each with 3 x deformable scroll rollers (60mm shafts) + 3 x rubber covered or steel clod rollers
  • Transfer 2: Deformable scroll roller, stainless steel transfer roller
  • Transfer 3: 2 x rubber covered spreader webs (graduated)
  • Discharge elevator: Hydraulic folding, 1120mm wide, in-cab controls
  • Discharge web: Deep flight, bucket type, moving side fingers
  • Hydraulic oil reservoir: High capacity chassis integrated
  • Hydraulic oil cooling: Thermostatically controlled electric oil cooler + chassis natural cooling
  • Hydraulic oil pumps: 4 x high capacity load sensing pumps
  • Hydraulic protection 1: 4 x suction filters protect pumps
  • Hydraulic protection 2: Individual pre-filters fitted in valve lines
  • Wheel steering: Hydraulic, 25 degrees, automatic self-centring, in-cab control
  • Wheel track adjustment: RoTo axle, right side wheel rotates through 180 degrees, in-cab control
  • Wheel drives: Hydraulic, in-cab controls = assist/constant/power boost
  • Wheels: Steel rims. Tyres: Left 550/45 R22.5, Right 420/70 R24
  • Levelling: Hydraulic, in-cab control
  • Length: 10.70m
  • Width, working: 4.10m
  • Width, transport: 2.90m
  • Height: 4.10m
  • Weight: 7500kg
  • Weight at drawbar: 1800kg
  • Shipping dimensions: Length 10.70m x Width 2.90m x Height 4.10m

  • Depth sensing: Ultrasonic sensing, Diablo or hydraulic steel drum rollers
  • Discs: Sprung concave trash discs (in front of std discs)
  • Shares: Full-width bed shares
  • Haulm intake rollers: For centre row in lieu of rubber flap
  • Digging web: 28mm pitch
  • Sieving web: 28, 36, 45, or 50mm pitch
  • Sieving web cleaner: Rubber block type, or cage roller
  • Clod fingers: Sweeping fingers, hydraulic, variable speed
  • OMEGA scroll rollers: 6mm, 10mm (standard), or 20mm scrolls
  • Separators: OMEGA, Starflow, Pro-Clean axial rollers, 3rd transfer web
  • Sorting tables: Easy-Pic (3-persons), In-Line (6-persons)
  • Elevator: Soft-Drop web with moving sides
  • Elevator: Automatic height control
  • Elevator chute: Cascade type for box filling
  • Elevator: 1300mm or 1500mm extra wide discharge elevator in lieu of standard, for onions, windrowed potatoes. Includes 3 spreader webs in lieu of standard
  • Windrowing: Windrowing kit
  • Levelling: Automatic machine leveling
  • Onions: Onion shares/intake paddle, rotating square/intake paddle
  • Wheels: Left and right: 560/60 R22.5 or 600/50 R22.5 flotation wheels

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