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The High Performance 2-Row Potato Harvester. T2 is a 2-row, and the T3 is a 3-row tractor trailed potato harvester developed by engineers at Standen Engineering for high output and efficiency with low crop damage. The Standen T2/T3 offers significantly more output. An additional front digger web and a longer sieving web provide a dramatic increase in total web area. VariSep adjustable web step separation, between the digging and sieving webs provides another major boost to output, and on-the-move adjustability.


Developed by Standen for the T2/T3, OMEGA is a fluted roller separating system, featuring soft deformable fluted rollers and the choice of Ebonite or steel clod rollers. OMEGA is designed to make the most of T2/T3's high output potential. Neat, flush sides mean T2 is only 2.9m wide for transport; the wheel track is adjusted from the cab’; T2/T3 is ready for work, or ready for the road in seconds.


Touch Screen technology offers a user-friendly, easy to operate driver interface. Touch Screen is programmable; profiles can be created offering fast selection of a range of settings to suit different crops and conditions.

A series of functions can also be programmed to operate in sequence; at the start or at the end of the rows to be lifted for instance. Hydraulic circuit pressures and shaft speeds are also monitored, and the system features full diagnostics.
Joystick Controls
Joysticks activate major functions providing responsive and progressive control at the operator’s fingertips. Joysticks can be programmed so their functionality suits the operator’s preferences.

  • VariSep enables the operator to easily raise or lower the sieving web (20cm) so adjusting the degree of separation at this point.
  • Separation can be set for maximum separation (high step), or minimum separation, level webs (no step).
  • This helps the operator minimise potential crop damage, or maximize separation when required.


The Standen T2 is built on a heavy-duty tubular chassis designed to provide strength, superb driver visibility, and easy maintenance access. The drive-line is simple and robust, requiring minimal attention with long life components for maximum reliability.

All hydraulic, variable speed drives are featured throughout the harvester; speeds are adjustable from the driver’s cab. CAN-Bus electronics make harvester functions fast to respond and expand the range of adjustments available. Gentle harvesting really is at the operator fingertips.

  • OMEGA; gentle, effective, high capacity clod, stone, haulm and weed separation is at the heart of T2, providing efficient crop cleaning and removal of unwanted material.
  • T2 features two OMEGA separating units, one behind the other. Each OMEGA unit comprises 3 x soft fluted rollers (plastic covered, foam filled), and 3 x clod rollers; Ebonite or steel. Both OMEGA units are angle adjustable from the cab’ to provide varying degrees of separation.
  • Fluted roller speed is adjusted from the driver's cab. Clod roller speeds are also adjusted from the cab, along with clod roller height. Clod rollers can easily be reversed.
  • Importantly, during its adjustment, each clod roller rotates around the circumference of their adjacent fluted roller. This unique 'constant geometry' design ensures the gap doesn't change with up/down adjustment.
  • The driver's Control Console has clear indicators showing clod roller height.
  • OMEGA's wide range of adjustment enables it to be used effectively in many different soil types and conditions. Also on salad and main crop potatoes, carrots, onions, parsnips, turnips, celeriac, etc.

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