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- Model Uniweb - Soil Separator



UNIWEB has proved itself with high performance in the field. Growers seeking high output with quality work in a soil separator with pure web only specification need look no further. STANDEN engineers have refined the intake system to achieve fast smooth operation even downhill or in challenging conditions. Visibility restricting, costly to run intake rotors are unnecessary in this advanced design. At 300mm longer than our UNISTAR model, UNIWEB has generous separating areas; the front 3 webs are interchangable, toothed belt drives are featured though out. These are just some of the many features designed to reduce running costs. No axle or cross beams make the underside of STANDEN separators completely clear for unrivaled bed quality and consistency. Auto-depth with in-cab’ override completes a highly competitive separator to give your business a real advantage.



UNIWEB 1500, 1600, 1700 and 2400 models
Accurate Auto-Depth system for even, high-quality beds
No axle or cross beams; best for bed finish

Improves crop yields, quality, tuber shape and skin finish

Reduced harvesting damage, faster lifting

GB2268867, EP0899997, EP1207971, EP1332656, EP1836889

Chassis: Unitary construction (monocoque)
Sieving widths: 1500mm, 1600mm, 1700mm or 2400mm
Power requirements: 120hp tractor (1500/1600/1700), 160hp tractor (2400), 12v electrics
Tractor hydraulics: 70 litres/minute minimum hydraulic oil flow
Main drives: Mechanical, quiet, low maintenance toothed belts
Drive access: Access through large doors with gas strut supports
In-cab control console: CAN-bus electronic system
Depth control: Automatic, in-cab override
Depth sensing: Steel, spiked diablo roller
Intake discs: 1140mm, spring loaded, heavy-duty serrated
Shares: Multi-piece full width
Webs: 4 x separating webs, first 3 webs interchangeable, 4th extra long
Clod crushing: Draper Web with pressure springs, electric adjustment from cab'
Cross coneyor: Hydraulic variable speed, in-cab control, hydraulic folding
Wheel track: 1.7m-2.0m (68'-80') (1500/1600), 2.7m (108') (2400)
Wheel steering: Hydraulic, 26 degrees, automatic self-centring, in-cab control
Wheels: Steel rims, 12.5 x 20 tyres (1500/1600), 18 x 19.5 tyres (2400)
Levelling: Left and right, dual hydraulic, in-cab control
Lights: Full road lighting
Length: 8.50m, (8.85m with boulder box) all models
Width, working: 4.05m (1500/1600), 5.70m (2400)
Width, transport: 3.00m (1500/1600), 3.70m (2400)
Height: 2.58m (1500/1600), 3.20m (2400)
Weight: 5180kgs* (5500kg with boulder box) (1500/1600)
Shipping dimensions: Length 8.50m x Height 2.58 x Width 2.12m (1500/1600). Length 8.50m x Height 2.58 x Width 3.02m (2400) (partly dismantled)

Drawbar: Hydraulic breakaway in lieu of standard
Intake discs: Plain in lieu of serrated
Boulder box: Hydraulic opening, in-cab conrol
Wheels: Steel rims, 14.5 x 20 tyres (1500/1600)

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